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Pre Art Basel Miami Kickoff


On facebook I posted that I had been invited to ARTLOG‘s Annual Pre Art Miami opening for Americana and had a plus 1, first responder would get to go with me ( yet another reason to LIKE us ON FACEBOOK). The show is a preview for CONTEXT, a new art fair which will be debuting in Miami this December.

Being that blogging pays mainly in perks, (free booze and finger food doesn’t pay for air travel) I will once again be foregoing the near mythical trip down to Miami for the art world’s biggest fair week in a city that favors topless beaches, pastels, and palm trees over black pea coats and subways.

When I arrived at the venue I noticed there were giant letters spelling out HOPE up on the balcony facing in. I instantly thought. . . so, no hope out here, just in there. What the hell am I doing out here?

From the inside you can see that they basically threw HOPE out the window. It’s actually a piece of art by Nic Rad and Adam Wissing titled “HOPE SOAP”, 2012.

Ray Geary‘s “Ob-Nox-Ious-“,2011 neon lights, only half working, so maybe it isn’t as Obnoxious as it could have been.

James DeWoody’s “Lay-Up”, 1990.

James DeWoody‘s “Slow Fall”, 1990.

John Gordon Gauld‘s “Beard and Mustache Series”, 2008-2011 watercolor.

John Salvest‘s “Better Living Through Chemistry”, 2012.

Wes Lang‘s “My, Oh, My,” 1980.

David Kramer‘s “Shapes And Sizes” 2012 & “Long Ride” 2012.

Scott Campbell‘s “Untitled”, 2012 made from cut, uncut US currency sheets.

It’s amazing how a dollar bill can draw your eye, no matter what exactly is cut or burnt into it. I would also like to hypothosize that this George Washington Portrait on the American dollar is the most reproduced line-art portrait in the United States.

Ray Geary’s “US Silver Bullets”, 2012. America made of bullets, steel, and Epoxy. This one should win the award for “looks better from the side.”

Also, where he fuck are bullet Alaska and Hawaii?

My other thought was that the red states as bullets makes sense, but the blue states should be represented by something weaker, tampons maybe?

Ray Geary’s “Over The Counter Pill Study (Large)”, 2012. Pills in clear resin.

Artist Mark Shaw, real life and facebook friend whom I haven’t seen in a long ass time (also my plus one) arrived as I was taking some photos of the show before the crowds blocked my line of sight.

Jude Tallichet‘s “Hay bale”, 2005. Bronze.

Rosalie Morris‘ “Evel Today”, 2012 Painted leather jacket with melted and scorched/ burned buttons covered in acrylic paint and wax.

Brian Kenny‘s “Deconstructed Flag #3 (Bare Bones)”, 2012. Very cool flag stripped down to thong string proportions.

“I Still Love New York”. Hurricane Sandy Benefit T-shit by Sebastian Errazuriz. NY water wasn’t ever that blue. . .not since pre industrial revolution at least.

Andrea Mary Marshall‘s “Dough”, 2010 and Sebastian Errazuriz’ “Untitled” , 2008.

Artlog founder Manish Vora.

Matthias Merkel-Hess‘ “Blitz Gas Can, 2 Gallon Purple And Green”, 2011.

Jen DeNike‘s “Flag Girls”, 2007. A pretty cool video on a loop, wait for it. . .

. . . and there it is. Much like dubstep, it kicks ass if you wait for the drop.

Jameson Ellis‘ “Sniper Rifle”, 2012. Should be retitled “American Pull-Up Bar.”

The crowd started to fill in the gallery. Great cocktails, hors d’oeuvres by Plated.

Sometimes if you hold on a frame too long you get photobombed.

People started taking pictures of people on purpose. It was time to swing the camera around from the walls to the middle of the room and start meeting people.

Author Lucie Whitehouse and Liz Rigg.

Jo Sountis, pop artist M.Dreeland, and Jason Oury.

Jen Trava and Lynn Schmidt.

Alex Slattery.

Writer and conceptual artist Nate Fish and’s Max Wolf.

Molly Siems from NewsCred.

Erika Velazquez and artist Gabriella Picone.

Kelly Smith from Robert Mann Gallery.

Lifestyle writer Vevlyn Wright and photographer David Glackin.

Artist Abraham Cuellar.

Israeli Baseball star Shlomo Lipetz.

Jennifer Harris and Sharif Ashmawi.

Photographer Ramana Goldstein.

Jewelry Designer Whitney Larkin.

Mark Molle, real estate developer Andrew Bradfield, Lauren Friedman.

Kesi Irvin.

Journalist and filmmaker Sarah Springer.

Filmmaker Raven Rakia.

Courtney Willis Blair, filmmakers Raven Rakia & Sarah Springer, and musician Seydina.

Rodrigo Salomon of Salomon Arts Gallery.

Performance Artists Rusty VanRiper of Sera Phim.

Performance artist Lauren Xandra of Sera Phim.

Sera Phim

Jeff Taylor, and designer / photographer Jia Jia Fei.

Co-Founder of Paddle 8 Aditya Julka, Simmy Swinder director at Carmichael Gallery, and Michael J. Levy.

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[Originally Published 11-15-2012]


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