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The Reintroduction of the Full Page Magazine Comic Strip


Kinda happy then disappointed this week when I read an article in a magazine called Stance about the guys at ART ASYLUM making some toys out of the GORILLAZ characters. I went to look online to see where I could buy them and found that production was stopped by the record label or something. They look so cool! Where you been Digger Mesch? I used to do freelance stuff for Art Asylum back in the day. These are the guys responsible for the Eminem, and Tony Hawk Figures and tons of other cool toys. I did find some shots of the Gorillaz figures online, they look tight and on one website it said they might be available in 2003. But if you got any molds of the originals lying around over there Digger, maybe you could cast one up for me and I’ll keep it on the QT.In case anyone doesn’t know about the group Gorillaz, it’s a virtual hip-hop group blending the musical talents of Dan “The Automator” and Blur’s Damon Albarn. The art is done by Jamie Hewlett. I remember Jamie Hewlett from back in the day when he did TANK GIRL as the last page of Details Magazine. It was pretty much the only full page- two page comic strip that ran consistently in a major men’s magazine. Details dropped the ball and stopped running the strip.I read all these men’s mags, and they need a full page strip. I pitched the idea to THE SOURCE a few years ago and they passed. Maxim finally bit, and let me do a full pager with “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF.” They said they want to make it a regular thing.

I have a lot stuff going down and have been quite busy this month. I hooked up with the crew from Elevation Suite Music Group and have been going to industry parties nonstop over the past week so lemme first give shout outs to Knowledge Born, Shice, Miss Mar, Ricardo Rodriguez, G.C., and Emperor.This month brought finished projects from new clients VIBE Magazine, and Nike Clothing. I have to give props to them, and thanks for teaming up w/ me on these ideas. It’s great working with Alice Alves at VIBE again. Haven’t worked with you since your days back at The Source, long time no brainstorm. And nice to finally work with you Florian Bachleda after all these years.

I also have to say hi to Jerry, Sam, and Betty at Nike. Looks like we have a future together. I’m glad that project turned out so sweet. Home
(Originally Posted 11-3-02)

*Editor’s Note 12-27-12- Since this publication, Cojo has done 30+ Full Page comic strips in 4 major magazines -Maxim, YRB, Ecko’s Complex-and Black Book. Spin has started it’s own full page strip, and THE SOURCE has also started doing a full page strip- changing the world one step at a time.


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