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Taking Over The Cleveland Scene & Appearing on The Drew Carey Show

Cojo's Art Roadtrip to Cleveland


This past week was wild. Jen and I packed up the car and took a road trip out to Cleveland. The Cleveland Scene (New Times Paper- Village Voice for Cleveland) was having their annual music awards party w/ the LO FEDELITY ALL STARS at The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

I did the art for this show, which they told me was on the cover of the newspaper this week. When I got there I found that the artwork was used on basically everything. Let me see If I can remember all the things it was on.

Meredith Pangrace, the Art Director at The Scene, brought us around the office and the artwork was everywhere. I mean everywhere. And all of the editors and employees were wearing the shirts. It was Bizarro World.

They took us out to lunch and then we went back to my relatives house we were staying with for the weekend. That night we went to the awards show at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If anyone can make it to Cleveland go to the hall of fame. They have a great John Lennon exhibit up. It’s really kickass.

Much props to the people at Scene who VIP’d my whole extended family at the event. Good music (a little too loud) and a lot of cool company.The next day I managed to briefly hit the The Cleveland Museum of Art, then lunch with Christopher Benton at Alternative Press Magazine. The Warped Tour is on this summer and I had done a bunch of artwork for the magazine for the tour (designed and printed by Alternative Press).

Jeff Koons sculpture.

AP’s office is small, but really old school & laid back. It looks like how Rolling Stone’s office probably once was before it became a corporate gray office / museum looking environment.Boxes & magazines and posters everywhere, with ancient dogs and cats wandering around and greeting you at the door. This is a place where a golden record could be on a wall right next to a dart board. We went out for lunch to a hip Mexican food joint which also served Thai food.

We talked so long we got a ticket for parking on the street past 4:30.So on Saturday Jen and I went back the Cleveland Museum of Art, they have some great modern work from all the masters.

Lots of stuff I’ve seen in my old art history books. Definitely worth hitting if you come to Cleveland. The contemporary museum wasn’t all that. I think there was a permanent collection we didn’t see, but we did see the three exhibits that were up. . .suggested donation so we paid a buck, we got our buck’s worth.

Cleveland has a “beautify Cleveland” thing going on. Much like those painted cows NY had a few years ago (which started in Chicago) Cleveland has big painted guitars, all around town. Really cool actually. If anyone knows how to get in on these “large beautify the town painted objects” let me know. Next time one gets in the works I want to do one!

I also watched them constructing a massive metal sculpture. Someone told me it is a Jeff Koons piece, but I’m not sure. I also heard about the Dali Museum too late and missed out on it. Next time man, next time. Well after a 7 hour drive home (got lost once or twice), I’m finally back, only to pack up to move.Thanks to the family in Cleveland for housing us and giving us directions and food. And thanks to Meredith & Co, at the Scene, as well as Chris and Crew at Alt Press for the hospitality and tours.

The Drew Carey Show takes place in Cleveland, so, since THE CLEVELAND SCENE was having their annual music awards show, it seemed only natural that (If Drew Carey’s office were real) somebody would have pinned the flyer for the Awards show up on the bulletin board.

Well, they thought so, and since I did the art for the flyer, it was used as a prop. L-2






Look at the red flyer with the girl DJ behind Mimi’s head when she sits down. You can’t miss it.


[Originally published 7-21-02]


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