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Hip-Hop Magazine Opening Parties, Book Releases & Halloween

Complex Magazine, Source, Vapors & Ernie Paniccioli's Who Shot Ya

Earlier this month I went to Vapors NYC issue release party at KDCD in Williamsburg. Gallery & Open bar, It was a nice showing of work with some old school graf artists and some of the new school as well. Hung out with old Cali friend and Huge San Fran Skate artist “world famous ghetto superstar, ” David Flores. He was featured in Vapors Magazine a few months ago and had a bunch of paintings on display. He hit me up with a painting. He owed me a painting for a bet we made and he lost a few years back. -P.S. Flores, this Donald Duck series looks sweet on my wall right above my TV, thanks man.

Vapors wants me to do a piece for them, but in the issue I saw they bashed Complex, Bullseye, and YRB! Three magazines I work for! It would be hypocritical for them to use me. Ah well. Maybe one day when they lighten up on the competition and dump the politics. That magazine also is in serious need of a spell check. (coming from me, that’s bad- cause I’m notorious)

Monday I hit the Source Magazine / Ecko party at Float. Thanks to Tony from Freedom Studios, and the Elevation Suite Crew for a good time and mad hook-ups. Complex Magazines on every table didn’t make it hard to show my work around.
Good times.
Wednesday I went to Complex Magazine’s party at Chaos. Dope time, lots of cool peeps, fly girls on the dance blocks and party favors.  Hung out with the Elevation Suite crew again.
Also the Armadale was flowing on the free, props to Jay-Z, that shit is smooth. Hi to all I met, and all the kats at Complex I hung with, too many to mention.
Met world famous DJ Herbert , also chilled with all the guys at Gawsie Athletics, Keith, Eli, & Steve. After the party I wandered to Max Fish where I met a group of kids from Cali. They were huge Maxim Magazine Fans and were big fans of my work. We cruised out and went bar hopping, and I got the celebrity treatment with the bar tabs on them. “It would personally offend me if I can’t buy you another drink,” the kept saying drink-after-drink. We went back to their hotel and chilled for a while, they took a limo to the airport and I drunkenly stumbled home.
I copped out for Halloween and was a vampire again. Jen and I, and a few of her friends drove over to the Amityville house and took a few pictures, then over to a graveyard in Sayville at midnight. We wandered around buzzed on hard lemonade and kept me and a few of the guys kept jumping out from behind tombstones and scaring the girls. I’m such a kid.
Last week I went to the book release party at B.B. Kings for Ernie Paniccioli’s “Who Shot Ya.”  Met old school Yo Mtv Raps’ Dr. Dre and Ed Lover.  Met master MC and human beat box Baba.  Also took in an old school performance by Mc Lyte.  The event was hosted by VIBE.  Lines took forever to get in, but it was worth it.
Thanks to YRB (Yellow Rat Bastard) Magazine’s Street team for showing up at the event and giving me instant credibility.  Talking to someone and all of a sudden a magazine shows up in their hand. “Turn to page 70, that’s a feature on me.  I’m Cojo, nice to meet ya!”
ernie-paniccioli-1Cojo with Baba.
Cojo with Dr. Dre and Ed Lover from YO Mtv Raps!
ernie-paniccioli-2 Home

[Originally published October 2002]


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