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Flux Factory Gala 2011

+ Not So Silent Art Auction

New York – Tuesday, December, 20, 2011

With large prints by artists SWOON, Duke Riley, and The Yes Men up for auction, a night of art buying and perpetual hors d’oeuvres grazing was had at the former DIA Center in Chelsea to raise money for non-for-profit artist residency organization Flux Factory on the Tuesday before the holiday break.

Although Flux Factory is based in Long Island City, Queens, for one night they pack up and take over an entire warehouse floor (the same building where THE INDEPENDENT is held). Although the space is massive they managed to pack it out, and at fifty bucks a head, that’s no easy feat.

After a few initial laps around the floor, and various stop-overs at the dueling food tables, not to mention the large open bar (with vodka and rum sponsors – Sailor Jerry, my favorite) I got an eventual plate-less hand free to maneuver a camera into taking some pictures.

There were a lot of familiar faces in the crowd, although not a lot of people I personally know too well. Everyone seemed dressed to their station; the artists schlubby, Boho-chic, or over the top casual, while the collectors were dressed elegantly.

Various flux artists were walking around with carnations on their shirt. This meant they were part of the “knock-off station”. If you enjoyed a piece, but didn’t have enough money to buy it, a reputable artist would on-the-spot draw a knock-off sketch of the work for you to take home for only twenty five bucks. It was an interesting concept. The sign on the table was written in ballpoint on blue lined paper.

Humble by Ian Cooper.

Ward Shelly’s History Of Science Fiction.

Skin Colors of Europe by Rachel Bacon.

Art by Jesse Bercowetz.

Art by Desha Shishkin.

Matt Levy, the emcee of the evening.

Nick Griffin, Flux Factory Board President.

Christina Vassallo, Flux Factory Executive Director.

Council member Jimmy Van Bramer.

Awards were presented to fellow art blogger, Art Fag City‘s Paddy Johnson, and Creative Time‘s Nato Thompson.

Chen Tamir, Flux Factory board member.

Louise Barry’s Spirit Cruises.

Duke Riley’s The U Line, his famous subway piece.

Ice Queen by Swoon.

A drawing by Aya Kakeda.

A drawing by Ella Krugly.

A Kiss by John Monteith.

Diagrams by Jesper Aabille.

Fake Newspaper headlines by The Yes Men.

Various Stimuli by Brian Dettmer.

A drawing by Miatta Kawinzi.

A Wooden Violin sculpture by Ranjit Bhatnager.

Tower Man (2011) A sculpture by Randi Jorgensen and Katrine Malinovsky.

A sculpture by Derick Melander.

To view all and buy all of the remaining pieces through the website, visit FLUX FACTORY ART AUCTION 2011 and get yourself some art!


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