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Miami Artist GG @ Castle Fitzjohns

1Painter GG has been making a name for himself back in his hometown of Miami as one of Florida’s youngest self-made, self-taught artists.  Last month he made his NYC solo debut in the lower east side’s castle fitzjohns gallery with GGNYC.  Castle Fitzjohns is one of my favorite new galleries in the LES (98 Orchard Street) which opened in September.


The entire lower level of the gallery was inhabited by pop art / street art mash-ups of GG’s signature Fado character in various motifs.  The largest piece in the show, inspired by Warhol’s flowers was one of the first to sell.  It carries artists of various stages in their career, from cutting edge phenoms to million dollar contemporary blue chip works.  Castle Fitzjohns is a global entity with other operations in Miami and London.


GG riffs on various pop culture icons, why so serious Fado?


GG leads some gallery goers a tour of his work.



108GG’s PR manager Anaisabel Garcia, whom I met at the Pop-Up Art Event.


Artist Bradley Theodore.



Castle Fitzjohns founder Vincent Harrison.


Art by Guy Stanley Philoche.


Vincent invites the crowd downstairs for a brief introduction of GG, welcoming him and his work to NYC.

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Gnomes by Sam Tufnell.

26 27

Art by Army of One.


Andy Warhol.


Art by Flavo Galvan.


Artwork by Max Wiedmann.


Artwork by Barry Gross.

GG’s solo show runs 10-22-13  and ends 11-17-2013.

Castle Fitzjohns Gallery

98 Orchard St.,

New York, NY 10002


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