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Art Crawl BogArt Night Bushwick

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 4.07.36 PMSeven art openings – one Street, this is a night not to be missed!  If you only make it out to Bushwick’s Bogart Street once a year, here’s a chance to check out some great art on a day when the L is actually running!  In this article I will give you a guided tour of how this night should work and help make it as easy an art crawl as possible. (Facebook Event Page)


WHEN SHOULD I ARRIVE?  At 6pm five of the seven openings will have begun.  At 7pm the remaining two openings will have begun.

So you probably want to arrive in the 6:00 hour.  Although if you want to see more art than just what’s in the openings, you can come early ( 3pm – 6pm )- there will be an additional 5 open galleries in the building (Read BogArt Night: Pregame: Earlybird Galleries -Art Sucks -coming later this week).


HOW DO I GET THERE?  You will arrive on Bogart Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn via the L train.  You take the L from Manhattan, to the Morgan Avenue stop and exit onto Bogart Street.


You will be standing across the street from 56 Bogart Street, also known as The BogArt.  A giant yellow warehouse full of art galleries and studios.


The bottom floor and sub-ground level floor- are all galleries.  This is the building where you will be headed first and be spending a good part of BogArt Night.


Door #1 heads downstairs to Nurture Art (and a few other galleries not having openings).  The Nurture Art show doesn’t open till 7, so if you are arriving before then, you will want to enter through door #2, the door with the stairs going up rather than down.


When you come in through the doors and up the stairs there is a corridor leading to a hallway on your right that runs the length of the building.  You will take that right


The first gallery on your right is Honey Ramka Gallery, featuring painter Ana Wieder-Blank’s first ever solo show.

Ana Wieder-Blank is a New York City based artist specializing in painting, writing, dance and performance art.  She holds an MFA from Pratt Institute and currently works daily out of her Long Island City studio. Opening from 6 – 9 PM.

The galleries are conveniently labeled and in two nice rows for you. On your left you will see the next gallery with an opening.


SLAG Contemporary.  The show pictured here is their current exhibit “Walking a porous border” by Dumitru Gorzo.  This will be replaced by the work of Tim Kent in the opening for a show titled: Besides, it’s always the others who die.  The opening runs from 6 – 9PM.

Artwork by Tim Kent – the next solo opening at SLAG Contemporary – Besides, it’s always the others who die

Next down the hall is Robert Henry Contemporary featuring the opening of a new show titled Repackaged by artist Richard Garrison.


Artwork by Richard Garrison.

The last of the 6pm openings is at the end of the hall.  Fuchs Projects is a gallery run by photographer Rafael Fuchs, and its focus is mainly on photography, but for BogArt Night Rafael will be setting up the gallery into a photo studio.


Photographer and curator of Fuchs Projects, Rafael Fuchs- photo by Cojo.


Past showings at Fuchs Projects.


He will be documenting the festivities as part of his continuing Bushwick Yearbook series which chronicles the ever changing demographics of Bushwick in portraits.  Fuchs Projects will take portraits of the visitors for the 2013 portion of “The Bushwick Yearbook” and in preparations for the “Bushwick Forever” upcoming book (Spring of 2014).

If you are a resident of Bushwick, be sure mark the date on your calender, it’s yearbook picture day.


At 7pm the doors to Studio 10 should open to the public.


Studio 10 which currently has a show up titled Do Not Blow Horn Use Bell by Tim Spelios (pictured above), on BogArt Night will be having an opening reception for Meg Hitchcock‘s solo show titled The Land of Bliss.

_0031_logo-screen copy 66

Meg Hitchcock – Photographed with her work during Bushwick Open Studios 2013.

Any typography fan will be amazed by Meg’s work, which dissects and reconstructs printed religious texts into beautiful patterns.  Here are some examples.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 1.03.54 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 1.04.28 AM


The closer you get, the more intense they become.Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 1.05.02 AM

The first time I saw her work was an installation at Famous Accountants in Ridgewood back on Bushwick Beat Night 2011 for a show titled Obsession: The Book of Revelation from The Koran (Read – ArtsSucks Beat Night 2011).

After 7pm, you have to actually exit the building to get to the last two openings, the first is at NURTUREart, which is what’s behind Door #1.


Walk down the stairs to the group show. . .

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.01.31 AMNURTURE art – Opening reception a group show title The Psychic Triangle from 7-9 PM curate by Jessica Cannon, featuring artists: Matthew Jensen, Kelly Lynn Jones, Jenn Kahn, Jeremy Miranda, Caleb Nussear, Joey Weiss, and Natalia Zubko.

When you have had enough of 56 Bogart, continue away from the train down Bogart toward Varet Street.

Cojo by NickelEdge

Cojo with painting “iBaby” – photo by NickelEdge.

Your last stop is Ange Noir Cafe for the solo show of Cojo “Art Juggernaut” (that’s me), where I will be hanging out the entire night 5pm – 11pm with some of my larger paintings and some recent works on paper.


When you hit Varet Street, take a right.  You will see that the mural on the building on the end of Varet is old, that is because google maps hasn’t updated this street in a while.  The actual mural you will see looks like this:


You can’t miss the Exploded Orca mural by Nychos (read about it on under the giant poster for Method Man blowing smoke rings.  You will see Ange Noir on the right (it’s hard to miss) with it’s red Hell Phone telephone booth, and the red & white candy striped awning.


Ange Noir Cafe is a French cafe / performance & art space.  They also serve beer and wine.  I have seen two art shows here, and was invited to show to show my work by the owner.  The crowd reminds me a bit of what Max Fish used to be,  very hip and because it’s located next door to New York Loft Hostel they cater not only to hipsters and artists, but a lot of Europeans.

The place is so cool I couldn’t refuse.  An awesome spot to have an opening, and they were also cool enough to offer to stay open later and host the official BogArt Night Afterparty.


Friday, 10/11/13  is the date, Bogart Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn is the place. Mark your calenders, and add yourself to the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE if you haven’t already!

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 4.07.36 PM



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