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W Magazine’s Fashion Week Afterparty @ The Tribeca Grand Hotel


Not only is this the week that kicks off the fall art season in New York, it’s also fashion week, so rather than just attend one slightly odd runway show this year, I also got invited to W Magazine‘s  very swanky Fashion Week Aterparty at the Tribeca Grand.


Large projection screens showed recaps of the best runway fashions of the week.


Painter and Senior Designer Amanda de Souza (in green) invited me.  The only other visual artists she invited were Kenny Hardwork (in the shades) and jewelry designer Yolanda Alamo.


Cojo “Art Juggernaut” in pimp-mode.

A model came by with a card that had a hashtag to instagram.  I asked Yolanda to take a picture of me with my phone, I uploaded it to instagram, and a few minutes later this mini pic of me drinking in full Artiholics  style printed out of a little machine nearby.


It soon popped up on one of the large screens as well.  Looks at that classy gent in the lower right.


Actress Erin Eichhorn.

I was introduced to Amanda’s friend Erin Eichhorn, she’s an actress, and part of the cast of the second season of the Netflix original Orange is the New Black.


Actress Amanda Ellis Kouri.

Amanda’s other actress friend Amanda Ellis Kouri, also one of the inmates on the second season of Orange is the new Black.  I learned two things about the show, they are four episodes into filming the second season, and when extras show their tits, they would get an extra $200.  Both of these girls didn’t opt in for full frontal (unfortunate).


The next few hours were spent getting elegantly tipsy on the top shelf open bar, while filling up on pizza in the form of pastry puffs with pizza filling, and far, far too many cupcakes by Melissa.






Sharon MacDowell, Maya, Amanda de Souza, and fashion blogger Nata Fam.


Kelly Guiod, Adolfo Amigon, Erin Eichorn, John Bevacqua, and Amanda Ellis Kouri.

So after the party ended John Bevacqua suggested a bar in Chelsea.  We grabbed cabs and headed up there.  Of course the people he thought would get us in weren’t there, so we had to wait on line and pay a cover.


Once inside of course it was a bizarre dance club.



I don’t know what the fuck this guy was supposed to be.  The head shrinker from the end of Beetlejuice?


Yeeaahh, we don’t get it.


There were some wild drag acts going on, a lot of people with these foam hairdoos.




Orange is the new Black.

These are not actors, they are just people attending the club.


Casual club attire.  I was overdressed in the suit.


One of the performances on a small stage.


This was on the other stage, I assume performance art of some kind.  People were putting hair on the bald mannequin heads.


We didn’t stay very long.  As I stumbled down to my train I noticed the Getty Station in Chelsea had been converted to a work of art (read about it on


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  1. Hey Cojo!
    So nice meeting you that night 🙂
    Great photos!


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